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The target of the project is to support volunteers who are taking care of the defenders who arrive at their village to train and regroup. They need money for food (mostly meat and vegetables), electricity, washing supplies, washing machine, and drying machine.


Defenders who come back for rotation and training are staying in the village. They live in the houses with the villagers and some of those are feeding and taking care of the defenders. Usually, there are 30-50 soldiers every month in the village. One of the families is washing the clothes of the soldiers. Every day they have 3-6 washing circles. They had 2 old washing machines and both of them are broken already.

Volunteers need for washing the clothes of the soldiers:

  • good big washing machine

  • drying machine

  • washing powder

  • covering the expenses for electricity

Volunteers need for feeding the soldiers:

  • meat (beef, pork, chicken)

  • vegetables

  • fruit

  • 1900$ is needed to buy a washing and drying machine

  • 1895$ a month is needed for food (the min budget for 30 people (2$ a day!!))

How to support a project

Pay Pal:


Send a check: to “People Helping People Across Borders”

1644 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32210


Zelle: +1 904-614-1660


Mono: 5375411204116045


Mono banka:

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