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Chernihiv Secondary School #20

Address: 14000, Chernihiv, Kotsiubynskoho Street, 8


Location – central part of the city


Area – 3 427 sq.m.;


Number of students in 2021/2022 – 934,


Number of employees as of September 1, 2022 – 79;

Target - to rebuild the Gym

Budget - $ 130 000

What was done to rebuild the educational infrastructure

As a result of the direct missile hit, the roof of the building above the gymnasium was damaged, the heating system was disabled; 126 windows and 5 entrance doors were shattered, internal doors, walls, ceilings, lighting lamps, and equipment were damaged. The facade of the building was cut by shrapnel. Restoration works are carried out at the expense of the city's budget.


While the educational process in the institution has not been restored, a DLC (digital learning centre) funded by Save The Children was launched in the institution. ICF savED has restored one primary school classroom.

What we want to rebuild with your support is a gym

We want to raise money and open a modern PE and sports center at the school – a space from which both first graders and graduates, boys, and girls would benefit from. The school is looking forward to completing this part of the rebuilding.

The current stage of the process:
What the Dream-Gym for the school looks like:

The budget for the renovation is $130000

How to support a project

Pay Pal:


Send a check: to “People Helping People Across Borders”

1644 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32210


Mono: 5375411204116045



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