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People Helping People Across Borders, Inc. is a non-profit organization specifically created to help those affected by war or economic hardship.  This organization was created for every-day-people to help other every-day-people in need, and it does not rely on any government to collect or distribute any of the supplies or money.  As Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, over 8,000,000 civilians have fled Ukraine and have relocated around the world, including here in America.  The team at People Helping People Across Borders is committed to gathering and transporting highly-sought-after supplies that the Ukrainian people desperately need.  Since the start of the War in Ukraine, russia has indiscriminately targeted civilians and Ukrainian military personnel, killing tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainian civilians.  Air-raid-sirens and russian missiles targeting shopping centers, kindergartens, hospitals, and other civilian targets, has become the new normal daily life for the Ukrainians, and in order to help stop more people from dying, Ukraine is in desperate need for medical equipment designed to stop bleeding.  In addition, for those Ukrainians who were able to leave the country, they are in need of finances to get established in their new homes, including for paying for clothing and school supplies, food, rent, etc.  Although many governments are providing assistance to the Ukrainian government in the form of money or weapons, a huge area that is being neglected right now is the actual people themselves.  The team at People Helping People Across Borders has successfully performed multiple operations thusfar, which include:

  1. relocating multiple families that had to leave their fathers/husbands behind as males between the ages of 18 and 60 are forbidden from leaving Ukraine currently,

  2. enrolling multiple children into school systems here in America and providing stable homes for them to live in,

  3. getting nearly 3 tons of medical equipment into Ukraine and into the hands of the hospitals, soldiers, and civilians that need it the most,

  4. providing water-filtration systems to the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv as russia destroyed their ability to purify water for human consumption in April of 2022,

  5. provided humanitarian aid and personnel support to multiple border crossings from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania,

  6. personally traveled into Ukraine to further establish networks on the ground to efficiently facilitate the distribution of medical supplies and other life-saving equipment to the people that need it the most.

Contacts us

Phone number: (904) 400-3593

Address: 1644 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida 32210

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